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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
Herbs and mysterious powder combined into thick pasty ball between mortar and pestle. Satisfied Al stood from her seat on a tree stump and looked over the circle she'd created. Intricate designs were made from red string wound around stakes embedded in the snow covered frozen earth. She double checked the scroll. Everything was in order.

She shed her coat and dress, placing them neatly on the log. She took off her boots and tights last before stepping into the circle. She sat cross legged, centering herself, and with one last deep breath placed the ball under her tongue.

The taste was sharp and bitter. It seemed to coat her mouth almost instantly. Bile rose in her throat, but she ignored it, staring straight ahead. Darkness encroached on her view of the forest. Al felt herself trembling, not from the cold, but from fear of that unknown blackness. The way it invaded, fuzzy, striking. She swallowed hard and the darkness did the same, engulfing everything.

Nothingness. No. There was breathing. Her breathing. Al struggled to find herself, to wiggle a finger, to find her body at all. Just to know she was still attached to it. She could hear her heart.



Water. She could hear water now. She could feel. Cool, moist, concrete under her hand.

Flowing water, moist concrete.

Birds twittered and cicadas sang a song that was near frenzy. She could smell the air, sweet and fresh, but there was something else.

Something chemical. Something plastic.

There was a little light now, it was coming through. Painfully slow.

A sound low to the ground. Shoes on concrete. She was not alone on this bridge.

This Bridge.

Al's heart sank, a cold, piercing sensation.

That smell was plastic fishing lures and dirt. She knew this place. She didn't want to see it, but the light was forcing her to.

The world came into focus presenting her with an image that had haunted her for years. The path in front of her was blocked by three boys holding fishing poles. The one in front stared at her, stone-faced, he reached up touching the scar on the back of his head. Al willed her body to move, but she only managed a shuffled step back. The boys nudged each other with cruel smirks and vicious laughter. Her heart pounded as their features warped, becoming the animals she's known them to truly be.  They lunged at her all teeth and claws making shrieks and growls as they seized her arms and threw her to the ground. Her head slammed hard making a loud crack and they were on her, biting, scratching, tearing away flesh.

She stared up at the sky, dreaming of someplace else. Somewhere far away from the beasts that swarmed her body. The beautiful sky smeared like paint as tears blurred her vision. She couldn't find it, this was her fate. Just lie back and be devoured. Just accept it-

A figure blocked the light. She blinked to clear her vision. Gerry stood above her, looking down on her expressionless. She tried to call his name, but her throat was locked too tight. She struggled, wrenching and arm free. She reached for him with her skeletal, blood stained limb. She reached with all her strength, but couldn't reach him. She clasped frantically at thin air, he'd have to meet her part way. She couldn't... not alone.

He shifted , leaning slightly to return her gesture.  She felt a flood of relief, but it was short lived. His expression changed in an instant, he grinned reaching passed her outstretched arm  to cover her face with his hand.

"You're too late." he whispered pressing down on her, water rushing up around her.

She gasped, sucking in frigid water.  She thrashed until she broke the surface, gagging for air. It was dark again, her attackers nowhere in sight. She looked around frantically, barely treading water. There was nothing.



Something bobbed in the water several yards away. She swam toward it. It quickly became apparent she was seeing a small body floating. She swam harder, kicking furiously, until she reached the child.  She flipped them onto their back and a young Gerry looked back at her, eyes sunken, lips blue, breathless, but seemingly alive.  There was no shock or gasp from her lips. Somehow she had known. She had seen it before.

"Hold on." She said pulling him against her as she paddled toward some unseen shore.

Soon her feet hit the bottom and she was able to walk out of the water carrying Gerry in her arms. Everything looked the same, all an indiscernible sheet of darkness, but she was drawn forward.  It had to be the way out. That was it, she just had to get Gerry out of this terrible place.

Fingers wrapped around her ankle and she gasped looking down. Gerry, a teenager looked up at her. His arms were covered from wrist to elbow with deep gashes and scratches. He was soaked in blood, his face ashen.

"I changed my mind." he gasped. "Help me. I changed my mind."

Al, still clutching the boy in her arms, opened her mouth. Her lip trembled. "I-I can't carry you both. I'm not strong enough-"

A retching sound interrupted her as another  as another Gerry crawled toward her gripping his throat, he gagged, coughing up foam and bile.

"Al..." He croaked. " me..."

"You promised." Rasped another yet unseen.

"I can't, not alone-" She pleaded, voice cracking at the sheer number of them. So many times she had seen him is such awful states. , mangled, poisoned, gagging for air. Had she ever really managed to save him?

They called her name, begged and cried for help.

"You promised."

"You promised."

"You promised."

A sound. A rumble. Something, something was rushing toward them. Somehow for all the darkness she could see it, a wave of pitch hurtling toward them. It washed around the Gerry's furthest from her, liquefying and absorbing them.

"Liar!" Voice screamed from the void. "Liar!"

She held tight to the youngest and ran, kicking free of the one holding her ankle.


She panted, that evil sludge hot on her heels.

Just one.

If she could only save this one.

She couldn't feel the ground anymore, couldn't hear the darkness, but still she pushed herself through the terrifying silence.

"You're too late you know."

Al's breath hung in her throat and she looked down at the little boy in her arms.

Just as peaked and meek as before he smiled up at her. "It's pointless. All this suffering, for what?"

"No, no, I can save you. I can save everyone-"

"What have they ever done for you? Why delay their fate, everything's fate. It all exists to be destroyed. Your family, your friends," He smirked. "and you."

"No!" She yelled just as the wave reached her, slamming into her back and enveloping her.

She screamed as she felt the little body in her arms dissolve into nothingness.

"Alberta, darling, what's wrong?"

Al turned, tears in her eyes toward a soft light. Her jaw trembled. Her mother stood before her, smiling brightly.

"Are those boys bulling you?" Her smile wavered just for an instant and she placed her hand lightly on her lower belly. "It's alright darling, I'm with you now."

"Mom..?" She squeaked.

"Yes, baby? What is it?" She still smiled, but her expression became more strained as she pressed a little harder on her stomach.

"Mom... are you okay? Does your stomach hurt?" Al asked. She felt so very small.

"It's nothing, mommy is just a little sick." She said softly, blood beginning to seep between her fingers.

"No...Mom... you're not okay-"

The blood grew darker, heavier, tinged with pus. "I'm fine. The doctors are making be better."  She assured even as her cheeks hollowed and the glow faded from her skin. "Everything will be fine."

Al watched in horror as her mother's hair fell out in clumps and her hand sank into her abdomen like it was rotting fruit.

"It's not fine. Mom." She shook her head. "Please don't leave me. I need you."

Her mother looked so frail, like even the slightest breeze would shatter her into a million pieces. She reached out with a thin, trembling arm.

"I love you, you can't leave me." Al sobbed rushing toward her. She had to hug her, to hold her one last time. It was all she ever wanted, to feel her arms again.

A bright light erupted from behind Al, washing the scene in a violet tinged glow.  She felt someone grab her by the collar. She was pulled up and away, just inches from her mother's embrace.

"No!" She shrieked. "Mom! No!!!"

She could only watch as her mother melted into the darkness, disappearing forever. Al felt tears streaming down her cheeks as the light surrounded her.

Al's eyes popped open to a view of the night sky. She shivered, sitting up. Snow had accumulated all over her body. She was disoriented and near frozen, but seemed to be in one piece. She saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye. She turned, much slower than she intended, to find her visitor from before leaning on a tree. He lowered his pipe and blew a puff of smoke into the crisp winter air.

"That was you wasn't it? You pulled me out of there." Al muttered through chattering teeth.

He glanced her way. "I had no choice, you were going into shock."

She licked her lips and staggered to her feet. As sturdy as magic-touched were, the sooner she got back into her clothes, the better.

"You've tried before. Haven't you?"

She paused her dressing. "Some years ago, yes."

"You should have said so."

Al pulled her dress over her head. "I didn't think it was relevant."

The man looked away from her. "You've been touched by it. You're tainted."

"So," she swallowed down the knot in her throat. "I went through that for nothing?"

"Not nothing..." He idly tapped his pipe. "The spell was merely hindered, but remember, if your will falters... you will fail."

"Slightly better off than I was before." She cleared her throat. "Why did I see what I saw? Did those visions have some meaning?"

"I don't know what you saw."

"Do... do you think I'm weak?"

He chuckled. "Weak? No. I wouldn't have come to you if I didn't think you had some chance."

Al closed her eyes. "I won't fail. I can't."  She took a deep breath. "I can crumble later."
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, violence/gore and strong language)
The traveler lifted his staff , using the attached lantern to illuminate the roadside shrine. A place where locals would leave offering to resident spirits or gods. This one seemed long forgotten, once ornate carvings covered in moss and overgrowth. Perhaps the road itself wasn't often used, it was so hard to tell with these jungle paths. Normally he would ask the locals, but this time the language barrier was too much.

It was a hot, humid night and the jungle was far from quiet. All manner or bird and insect sang to the halved moon.  He kept a steady pace up the winding path, hoping to find another village closer to the mountains. He hummed softly to himself, it was nice to hear a human sound.

There was something dark in the path ahead. He raised his staff again, a small cloaked figure stood in the path. A child? He called out to it. It moved slightly. Fidgeted. No answer. He introduced himself. Just a traveler. No need to fear. The child backed up, a fraction of a step. He approached, slowly as not to frighten them, maybe they could lead him to a village- The child was tightly gripping their cloak, black gloved hands digging into the fabric. Gloves? In this heat?

He swiftly adjusted his staff for better light. The figure, startled, stumbled back, hitting the ground, hood falling away. Large dark eyes stared up at the traveler, framed by wild black hair, grey mottled skin, and large ears. The light from his lantern glinted off of sharp white teeth and black claws.

The man yelled, a roar of a sound and wielded his staff like weapon. A thud, from behind. The man whipped around, he had little time to register the must taller creature before one of its claws jabbed into his neck. He wrenched away dropping his staff and ran down the path holding his throat.

"Mua," The smaller creature squeaked. "Mua, I'm so sorry. I failed. I was afraid."

"No, Gao, your lesson has merely changed." The larger replied reaching out a slender arm to help Gao up.

"No?" Gao asked getting to her feet and shrugging off the cloak. How humans could wear such things all the time she couldn't understand.

"We follow." She pointed a claw at the dark spots of blood in the dirt. "Let it know you follow, but do not get too close." She shrieked into the darkness. "Keep it running."

Gao nodded following behind her mentor. "If it stops?"

"This method works best away from other humans. It will try to get to others, that is why you must keep them afraid. Keep the heart racing, the blood flowing. In that state however, they lash out. They are stronger than us, but we are quicker. Remind it that we follow."

Gao took a deep breath and screeched loudly.  She grinned at Mua's nod of approval.

It only took ten minutes of walking before they found the man collapsed by a tree. His limbs still twitching erratically. Gao looked the traveler over tilting her head from side to side.

"It is a little sad." She said softly.

"Yes, it can be sad, but this human's death means we get to eat and live." Mua explained.

Gao nodded.

Mua knelt beside her in order to meet her eyes. "In the future you will learn to make cleaner kills. It is safer for us and less sad for them, but for tonight you've done well."

"But, Mua, I made so many mistakes."

"And I know you have learned from every one. No one learns to hunt in a single night." She nuzzled Gao's forehead. "Now, I'll need your help to take this back home."

"Right." Gao said with renewed vigor.

They each took hold of one of the man's legs and drug him out of the road, into the jungle, and out of sight.

Gao sat on a large limb, her leg and tail dangling as she gnawed away at a femur.  Many of the trees were quite large, but Mua had found perhaps the largest. The hallow they called home was spacious enough for them both, but left plenty of trunk for the tree to continue living. Mua was just inside, smothering the leftovers with herbs and wrapping them tightly in fragrant leaves. Meat was always better fresh, but if left to hang in the sun, the treated bundles could last some time and other creatures didn't like the smell.

Finished she stepped over Gao and began stringing up with packages with vine.

"Gao, do you know who taught me the hunting technique I showed you tonight?" She asked still busy tying.

"Your family?"


"Your Mua?"

She chuckled. "No."  She crouched down near her young ward. "It was a human."

Gao's eyes widened. "How?"

Mua grinned. "I was stalking a human when I realized it was a hunter. I was about to give up, find another with no weapon, but then it spotted a deer and shot. The arrow hit, but the buck dashed off into the forest. I felt a little bad for the human, losing its prey. I could relate, but the human was not sad. It began walking in the direction the animal had fled. It would stop and look for blood and follow that. Deer are much faster than humans, but it eventually came upon the downed buck. It finished it off and claimed its prize. I let that human live for teaching me something so good. Before that I assumed any prey out of my sight was lost to me forever."

Gao hummed to herself. "Mua, do you think humans are smart?"

"Oh yes." She said taking a more leisurely seat. "The human hunter did not have to goad the deer to run, but we must. If a human thinks it has lost us it will stop to tend its wounds or worse if they get back to the others they will hunt us instead. That is why we must be careful and have respect for the humans."

Gao frowned looking down at the bone clasped in her claws. "How do you respect something you eat?"

Mua smiled gently. "I'll tell you a story little one." She pointed to the distant mountains, they too were covered in jungle greenery up until their summits. "The farthest peak you can see was once our home. There were many yellow-claw there, hundreds. In the early days we ate boar, but boar are fast and strong. It would take all of the Greaters to capture one and often many would die."

Gao tilted her head, Mua had told her of the Greaters before, the most brave, strong, and dominant of their clan. They had once done all of the hunting and took all the mates they wished.

"One day, humans came into the forest. They took up settlement. Eventually one crossed paths with one of the Lessers and was slain. A single lesser had taken down prey. Human meat was less flavorful, but more tender and while humans are strong and smart, they are slow.  This changed everything. Fewer had to hunt, fewer had to die. My family even learned how to preserve the meat and our once shunned abnormality became prized."

Gao looked down at her mentors hands, she only had three claws on each. Her thumbs and forefingers bore only stubs. It was harder for her to hunt and climb, but she could pluck herbs and tie knots. She had once been a skilled midwife and if her sagging belly and breasts were any indicator she had bore many children of her own.

"Even then, we knew to be careful and only took what we needed. We only took humans that wandered into our territory and this was good. It was this way for many years. Then they came. The red-claw." Mua's face darkened with the memory. "A nomadic clan, they had long before discovered human flesh and had no qualms taking as much as they liked. They invaded the human villages and tormented our own. They had few females and would steal ours. Our Greaters could do nothing against the war-like red-claw, they were too blood thirsty and strong. It wasn't long before the humans couldn't bare the attacks anymore-" She stared down at the ground far below. "They fashioned weapons and attacked. They could not distinguish yellow-claw from red, our speed fell to their strength and fire."

Gao reached out, caressing her claws with the back of her hand.

"It was mayhem. I was separated from my family and there-" She pointed to another mountain. "There I found a child, just weaned. I could find no one else, so I lifted it up and it bit me." She laughed raising her arm to reveal a single small puncture scar on her underarm. "Lucky for me you only had one little tooth."

Gao felt herself flush. "I have all my teeth now." She muttered.

"Yes, but you are still a mess." Mua said pulling her close so she could begin picking the twigs and leaves from her hair.


"What is it?"

"Are you ever sad that you have me instead of your real family?"

"You are just as real as they were. No, I am not sad that I have you, but I do wish you could have met them. My youngest was just a few years older than you." She became quiet for a moment, but continued grooming."I think you two would have gotten along. It's just us now, but that is alright. We are all we need."

Birthday Drabbles

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 23, 2013, 7:13 AM


Dani and the Gang by NickRoblesArt

Commission: Dani and Levi by DumonchelleDraws

Sketch commission for TheSpokesman by painted-bees

Al by OlayaValle

:Commission: TheSpokesman by L0UDST

Salem by NickRoblesArt

Headline News

Hey guys, with my birthday fast approaching on the 25th, I'd like to do a few quick drabbles to celebrate.
These can be any number of things from my original tales, shorts, AU, ect. Wanna throw any ideas my way? Sorry, no fanfiction.

Here is my writing chart as currently planned:
1. Hell In A Handbasket
2. DBS
3. Elkwood Blue & Decay (I will try to do these at the same time)
4. Black and Blue (possibly followed by) Black and White, Black and Red
5. Knights Of Time and/or "Hunter Story"
6. crapshoot between my "mutant story", "Neilanya's story", "Girls and Zombies story", "Ya kid in magic world story", and "romantic girl adventure story" . (yes my placeholder titles are quite clever!)
You may notice the Dani Black Novels aren't listed, fear not they aren't canceled! I will just work on them again when I'm really feeling them again. Or rather when I feel I can do them justice. I have way too many regrets with DBS that I don't want when I put the novels to paper as I really hope to publish them in a big way.

I just really need to focus on finishing, but I still really need you guys to help me polish these words.
Seriously! Tell me what you like, what you hate, what was clear, what confused. Tell me anything and everything. Do not worry about hurting my feelings, it's for the good of all!
Thank you!

Points For Comments

I am still currently offer points to people who post thoughtful, constructive comments on my current writing projects (Dani Black & Elkwood Blues). This is only for helpful comments with substance. Blind praise, "cool",(although, those are also appreciated) and "you suck" will not receive points. The amount of points will vary based on comment quality. This is currently a limited offer and once I'm out of points I'll say so. However if this is successful I'll buy more and do it again. á

MY DA Policy

I return Llamas.
Please don't beg me for things. I only give out points or buy commissions if I want to.
I always thank for Favs and Watches.
I block Bot accounts and offensive screennames.
If I like your work or if your a friend I'll watch you.
I watch too many people, but I try to comment or fave pieces I really like

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DBS Vol 1

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